Nourishing Minds: LearnED Platform Promotes Eating Disorder Recovery

In January 2022, Eating Disorders Victoria (EDV) received a $50,000 contribution from the Telematics Trust to the LearnED project. This e-learning initiative aimed to address the pressing issue of eating disorders in Victoria, supporting individuals facing eating disorders, their caregivers, and professionals through online psychoeducation.

EDV faced overwhelming demand for eating disorder services.

Approximately 264,000 Victorians live with an eating disorder. These disorders have a profound impact on physical health, mental well-being, social relationships, and the increased risk of mortality associated with these complex and often chronic conditions. They also place tremendous strain on caregivers, professionals, and the healthcare system.

Existing public and private eating disorder support services face overwhelming demand, leaving many people without timely clinical care. The challenges are particularly acute for those in regional and remote areas or people facing socioeconomic disadvantage.

Enter LearnED.

Backed by a grant from Telematics, EDV developed the LearnED e-learning platform. It aims to bridge the gaps in traditional services for people experiencing or recovering from eating disorders, along with their caregivers and supporters. LearnED provides a free, accessible online space for learning, self-help, and seeking help, for people with eating disorders, whatever their age, gender, or location. Fostering early intervention and supporting recovery, LearnED demonstrates the innovative use of technology, reaching diverse groups and addressing geographical barriers to mental health support.

LearnED educates carers and motivates those in recovery.

LearnED has achieved significant success. EDV reports 1,211 enrolments and 785 unique users since its launch in January 2022. They exceeded their goal of reaching a minimum of 500 people affected by eating disorders, including people at risk, carers, and professionals.

Crucially, 26% of LearnED users live in regional and rural areas, where support options are limited.

Users find LearnED "Informative, clearly presented and helpful”.

User feedback paints a compelling picture of the impact of LearnED. One participant expressed, "[It] makes me feel motivated to recover, especially difficult in my current stage of recovery.” Another highlighted the platform's flexibility, noting it was “Helpful to watch the recording at my own pace.” A caregiver shared, "As a carer for someone with an eating disorder, I found this resource very helpful."

EDV say:

“ With the generous support of the Telematics Trust, we were provided with the opportunity to build our e-learning platform, LearnED, and achieve our mission - to provide a space for Victorians impacted by eating disorders to access free, self-paced online psychoeducation that supports eating disorder recovery, is evidenced-based, and is co-designed with the lived experience community. This funding enabled EDV to reach all Victorians, including people experiencing eating disorders, their carers and supports, and people living in rural areas who have limited access to services. We are so very grateful for your support, thank you!”

There’s a bright future for LearnED.

LearnED has become a core program in EDV's education portfolio. Leveraging the Telematics grant, EDV has secured ongoing government funding for an additional 12 months. This will support resource development, ensuring LearnED continues making a meaningful impact.

LearnED advances our mission to transform lives through tech.

LearnED leveraged technology to measurably improve the wellbeing of the community, reaching diverse groups to address this critical mental health issue. Using an online platform not only achieved EDV’s educational goals but also fostered a supportive community for individuals on the path to eating disorder recovery.

The LearnED project, supported by the Telematics Trust grant, has become an essential tool in EDV's efforts to transform the lives of people affected by eating disorders. As LearnED forges ahead, it demonstrates the power of technology-driven education in addressing complex societal challenges.

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