• Been Working On Something Interesting? We Help Make Good Ideas Take Off.

  • Been Working On Something Interesting? We Help Make Good Ideas Take Off.

  • Been Working On Something Interesting? We Help Make Good Ideas Take Off.













Welcome to the Telematics Trust


The vision of Telematics Trust is for technology to transform lives through education and training for the cultural, social and economic benefit of Victorians.


The Telematics Trust is committed to funding initiatives that support our vision by demonstrating innovative use of technology through education and training.

  • Demonstrate the innovative use of technology through education and learning which aim to measurably improve the well-being of the community and environment
  • Provide unique funding opportunities to individuals, Educational Institutions, Government, Business, social enterprises and Not-for-Profit organisations
  • Use technology to reach diverse groups and address important practical problems in our community and environment.

In pursuit of this mission, Telematics Trust targets initiatives that:

  • Deserve special distinction
  • Would be assisted by seeding grants
  • Are not generally within the province of other funding bodies

The Trust provides unique funding opportunities to individuals, Educational Institutes, Government, Business, social enterprises and Not-for-Profit organisations.


Opening date: 9am Monday 18 March
Closing date: 5pm Thursday 18 April

Telematics Trust Eighteen-Month Review 2017-18

The Telematics Trust is pleased to share its 2017-18 eighteen-month review.

Telematics Trust Annual Review 2016

The Telematics Trust is pleased to share its 2016 Annual Review. We hope this will provide applicants with examples of projects supported by the Trust and also demonstrate achievements made through some of our grants. Please click here to download a copy. In recognition of the Trust's 30 Year anniversary, the trust has redesigned the annual review and offered stories of impact from past applicants. If you are a previous grant recipient and would like to share your achievements with the Trust, please feel free to contact us.

Recently Funded Projects

Telematics Trust supported the following list of organisations in the 2017 grant round.


ABIA trains, educates, and supports parents, carers, and professionals working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Platform for connection/delivery of autism services

ABIA will develop a new platform to deliver and co-ordinate ABA programs and learning; to connect families, therapists, doctors and providers, including regional and remote Australia; to translate such programs into culturally diverse environments and languages; and to “train trainers” via access to a digital platform.


Cabrini Technology Group incorporates, provides and implements world-class biomedical and Information and Communication Technology. It installs, repairs, maintains and calibrates advanced health and IT equipment and provides expert consulting services to over 700 organisations through Australia and New Zealand.

A digital platform for educating oxygen therapy patients

The project involves the development of a digital platform for the education, engagement and monitoring of the 2000+ Victorian domiciliary oxygen therapy patients under the care of the State Wide Equipment Program. Through better connecting and educating the users of this service, the platform is expected to improve clinical outcomes and patient experience.


The School of Education has an innovative approach to education and a reputation of new ideas in online, flexible and distance education, along with a long history in providing high quality on-campus and blended undergraduate and post graduate education degrees.

Mayday Hills: Virtual tour linked to life and death

The Trust is supporting the development of a website that takes the visitor on a 3-dimensional virtual tour of Mayday Hills, the former mental hospital in Beechworth, Victoria,

and related gravesites at the Beechworth cemetery. Onsite at Mayday Hills and Beechworth Cemetery visitors will be able to use their smartphones to link via QR codes to gain knowledge about locations and people.


Code for Australia brings citizens, government and industry together to collaboratively solve social issues by helping governments increase their digital fluency and creating services that are grounded in the needs of people.

Civic Makers

Civic Makers is a series of events to bring government, non-profits, academia and community together to collaboratively address and work towards solving wicked problems in Melbourne. Using technology as a vehicle for collaboration, the events will bring together a diverse group of people with a range of skills from the Code for Australia community.


Gisborne Montessori School is a small, non-denominational, independent school, providing Montessori education for babies, toddlers, preschool and primary school aged children in accordance with the philosophies developed by Dr Maria Montessori. It is one of 4 independent Montessori schools in Victoria currently holding primary registration as well as an early childhood education (pre-school) license.

Introducing STEM following Montessori pedagogy

The Trust is supporting the introduction of robotics and coding to students in a sequential, hands-on manner to fit in with Montessori philosophy. Many children in the school are diagnosed on the autism spectrum and the hands on approach to learning allows these children to understand concepts before applying them abstractly.


La Trobe University is in the to 1.2% of universities worldwide and is rated at, above or well above world standard in all broad research areas. This project is in the School of Engineering and Mathematical Science.

Escaping the Classroom

Escape rooms are popular recreational activities involving solving a series of puzzles within a time limit. Recently, La Trobe University developed a prototype electronic device for educational escape room games. This project will work towards making this open source and will create significant upgrades and training materials to make them easy for teachers to use.


Life Saving Victoria works with communities, educational institutions, government agencies, businesses and the broader aquatic industry, as the peak agency in the State for water safety. Life Saving Victoria’s mission is to prevent aquatic related death and injury in all Victorian communities and has the vision that all Victorians will learn water safety, swimming and resuscitation.


Life Saving Victoria will pilot an innovative new project ‘eSwimming’ to teach swimming skills in a manner never attempted before, that aims to reduce drowning death and injury in Victoria. This will be achieved through development of an interactive dry land swimming aid, supported by exciting technology, that simulates the action of swimming - without water.


MacKillop Family Services support children and families in Victoria, New South Wale and Western Australia. Programs include Out of home care (including foster, kinship and residential care), Disability Services, Youth Support Services, Education Services, Family Services and Support and Heritage and Information Service.

Talking Foster Care

Victoria is facing a critical shortage of foster carers. Through an innovative series of podcasts, Mackillop Family Services aim to address the increasing gap between children requiring foster care and the availability of suitable carers. In an Australian first, the series will feature carers sharing insights and advice about their valuable role.


Melbourne Health’s research vision is to be a leading centre for delivery of translational health, research and education. Melbourne Health is the second largest public health service in Victoria, serving a population of more than one million living in the inner, northern and western corridors of Melbourne as well as regional and rural Victorian and southern New South Wales.

Organ Donation Risk Calculation App

The Trust is supporting Melbourne Health to transform the lives of people needing an organ transplant, by increasing accessibility to transplantable organs from Elevated Risk Donors. An Organ Donation Risk Calculator App will present data about an available organ; its risk and benefits; to facilitate decision-making about acceptability for patients, clinicians and transplant teams.


Established in 1979, Odyssey House Victoria provides long-term intensive residential treatment for individuals and families (including parents with addictions and their young children) within a 143 bed Therapeutic Community in Lower Plenty.

Tackling disadvantage: Upskilling Aboriginal AOD Workers

The trust is supporting Odyssey House Victoria to address economic and social disadvantage within Aboriginal communities, by delivering accessible, culturally appropriate alcohol and other drugs (AOD) training to upskill AOD workers who self-identify as being of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities via online means.


Sustainable Gardening Australia (SGA) is a not-for-profit social organisation dedicated to achieving a healthy biodiverse planet and vibrant, sustainable communities.

Garden Chemical Product Guide Communication Tool

The Trust is supporting the development of a web-based information tool to inform and educate consumers about chemical garden products and alternative approaches to address problems of pests, weeds and disease. It will allow them to make smarter, safer choices to minimise any harmful impacts of these products on their health and on the environment.

THE GARDENIST  |  $44,750

The Gardenist is an online place for hungry, thinking gardeners with an appetite for collective knowledge and enquiry.

The Gardenist Online Community

The trust is providing seed funding to develop an innovative educational platform that brings together a network to create an online community of members. The Gardenist will facilitate communication, sharing of knowledge, skills and sensitivities providing connection between a diverse membership whom have a common passion for horticulture, moreover the environment.