2020 Grantees

2020 Grantees

Telematics Trust supported the following list of organisations in the 2020 grant round.


Aboriginal Heroes of Fire, Flood and Food | The Trust is supporting Federation University to utilise film, spatial and web technologies (digital mapping) to educate in accessible and visual formats about the contribution of Aboriginal society to Victoria's foundational stories. It will chronicle Aboriginal heroism specifically in relation to fire, flood and the search for food in the period 1800-1930.


Story Box Library AUSLAN series | The Trust is supporting Story Box Library to add 12-15 AUSLAN translations of read-aloud stories and corresponding Activity Time videos to storyboxlibrary.com.au, including stories that already exist in the library and new stories that will be filmed in 2021.


Snapshot Climate | The Trust is supporting the development of Snapshot Climate. This is a world-first resource providing community-wide greenhouse gas profiles to councils and communities throughout Australia. Snapshot provides data to inform decisions to transition to a zero-emissions economy. Snapshot reports the major sources of carbon emissions for every Australian municipality, including stationary energy, transport, waste, agriculture and land-use change.


Digital Mental-Health Care for Tertiary Students | The Moderated Online Social Therapy (MOST) is a fully developed, innovative digital application which provides effective psychological support to youth with severe mental illness. MOST integrates tailored therapeutic content, peer-to-peer online social networking, and moderation by peer workers and clinicians. The Trust is supporting the adaptation of MOST for university students (uniMOST).


Walking in the footsteps of a Holocaust survivor | The Trust is supporting the Jewish Holocaust Centre to create an interactive multi-media overlay to the core Holocaust exhibition, giving visitors the unique opportunity to walk "in the footsteps" of a Holocaust survivor, and encounter their personal artefacts, photographs and eyewitness testimony. This transformational journey will humanise the historical significance of the Holocaust and its relevance today.


Remote Eye - Virtual patient education technology | The Trust is supporting an online virtual teaching aid that can be used by health care workers to provide remote ophthalmic patient education. A 3D virtual eye is hosted online which can be manipulated in real-time by the health care professional to provide a personalized educational experience for the eye condition pertaining to the patient, this is viewed in real-time with audio explanation via telehealth.


MSO Schools – Championing Music Education | The Trust is supporting a new web-based learning platform encouraging music education learning outcomes for Victorian teachers and students. Extending the capabilities of MSOLearn, MSOSchools will be a centralised hub where all school-based content is sourced. Following demand from educators for an accessible portal, MSOSchools will be fully integrated with MSO's digital channels.

SMILING MIND | $50,000

Digital learning to support child mental health | The Trust is supporting the development of a digital platform for children to engage with directly to support their social and emotional learning. This platform will be developed for use at home and at school and will provide a suite of developmentally appropriate, engaging and fun learning experiences designed to boost children's wellbeing.


Women’s Employment Recovery Program | The Trust is supporting the Women’s Employment Recovery Program that will support up to 1000 women in its pilot year to complete an 8-part online module program that builds capacity across financial literacy, communication and resilience to support women to re-enter the workforce during economic recovery.

HOMIE | $40,000

HoMie Digital Platform | The Trust is supporting HoMie to build and create a digital platform for the young people engaged in the HoMie Pathway Alliance to complete their Certificate III studies and professional development classes. The reality of a COVID world makes it imperative that we are able to build this space.


Building the capacity of young leaders online | The Trust is supporting an online training program that will connect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people and empower them to be strong leaders and campaigners. They will build the capacity of our grassroots community to lead campaigns for sustainability and ensure First Nations voices are represented in the climate movement.


Kutcha's Carpool Koorioke multiplatform | The Trust is supporting the development of Kutcha's Carpool Koorioke Multiplatform that provides an online community and resources for Indigenous artists and audiences to celebrate Indigenous music and learn more about Indigenous culture by gaining an insight into the rich Koori history of Fitzroy.

CPTOYS | $50,000

CPToys: Improving outcomes for cerebral palsy | The Trust is supporting the establishment of CPtoySwap – a world-first, global online sharing community that enables the swapping or gifting of essential therapy toys for children with cerebral palsy (CP). This will provide all children with access to vital therapy toys and create a circular economy, reducing waste and keeping toys out of landfill.


e-Hub Mobile Application | The Trust is supporting the expansion of the SisterWorks e-Learning program to add additional functionality to their e-Hub app. The application uses the 'learning by doing' approach. This is done by carrying out online workshops, training and mentoring, to not only provide vocational skills but also create a sense of community and belonging.