Frequently Asked Questions

Grant Program

I currently hold a project funded by the Telematics Trust, can I apply for another grant?

The Trust will only consider an application from an organisation once its existing grant has been successfully acquitted. Exceptions are made in the case of universities and other large organisations where they represent different faculties, departments or schools so long as the proposals are unrelated. You may be eligible for a large grant program.

Can I arrange a meeting with a member of the Secretariat to discuss a project idea?

As we are a very small organisation we have limited capacity for face to face meetings. If you cannot find the information you require on our website or within our application form then call us to discuss you query in further detail.

How much money can I ask for?

The Trust can provide:

Grants of up to $50,000

The Trust requires that all projects provide some level of partnership funding whether it be cash or in-kind support.

The Trust normally provides grants of up to $50,000 and grant applications larger than this will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Only ONE application can be considered per applicant in each funding round. Exceptions are made when multiple applications are received from universities and other large organisations where they represent different faculties, departments or schools, and the proposals are unrelated

Can my organisation apply for a grant for more than one project?

Only ONE application can be considered per applicant in each funding round.  Exceptions are made when multiple applications are received from universities and other large organisations where they represent different faculties, departments or schools, and the proposals are unrelated. Please note that your project will be unable to apply for the same project in the future.

Can I apply if I have no partnership funding?

No. Your project must have partnership funding whether it be in-kind or cash. Please ensure you list all partnership funding and attach an itemised budget with your application.

I would like to apply for funding to connect my community to the internet, can I apply for funding?

No. Your project must be of an innovative nature. Internet costs can be considered as part of a wider more innovative project.

My project will be of benefit for all Australian’s and an international audience too, can I still apply for a grant?

Yes. However your project must be based in Victoria and be for the benefit of Victorians also.

I wish to purchase new equipment for a class group or education program, can I apply for funding?

No. The Trust does not support projects that are almost entirely infrastructural and/or equipment. The general rule is equipment can be no more than 50% of the budget. Infrastructure and equipment is generally defined as anything that can be purchased 'off the shelf'.

I wish to go overseas and study different technologies and their impact, can I be funded?

No. But the Trust will consider funding the costs of a conference to increase learning and share industry knowledge in Victoria.

Can I contact the Trust if I am having trouble filling in the application form?

Yes. It is advised however that you read all the information on the website prior to calling.


Where can I get a copy of The Telematics Trust logo?

Email the Secretariat at admin@telematics.org.au

If I have been unsuccessful can I reapply in the next funding round?

Yes, but not for the same project.

I am unable to meet my reporting schedule, what should I do?

Contact the Secretariat, preferably in writing requesting an extension and outlining the reasons you have fallen behind. This will be assessed quickly and an extension given where appropriate. If you have any concerns regarding this process please phone the Secretariat to discuss.

What if I do not spend all the money?

You will be asked to acquit your project financially. If you find you have a project surplus, please contact the Secretariat to discuss prior to issuing a refund.

What if my project goes over budget?

The Telematics Trust will only consider grant increases in extremely exceptional circumstances. If your project appears to be going over budget you should contact the Secretariat for advice on revising your project timeline, sourcing additional funding and your reporting requirements.

Can I talk to other successful applicants about their Telematics funded project?

The Trustees of the Telematics Trust encourage both applicants and grantees to network and discuss best practice projects. The Trust will endeavour to keep the website updated with regular case studies on successful projects. Please contact the Administrator if you have any questions on a specific Telematics funded project or if you would like to get in touch with one of our grantees.

I currently hold funding from the Trust, can I apply for additional funding in the next grant round?

No, an organisation cannot apply for additional funding for the same project or another project until they have fully acquitted all monies received previously.

If I am successful in receiving a grant, what type of reporting will the Trust expect?

Each project that receives funding is different. Generally you will be expected to submit a Final Report and financial acquittal at the project’s completion. You will receive reporting guidelines and due dates in your award letter. Contact the Secretariat if you are unsure of what your reporting requirements are.

What if my project is taking longer than expected, can I get an extension?

The Trustees recognize that at times during a project things don’t go to plan. If you are struggling to meet your reporting deadlines or if you need to extend the project completion date, please don’t hesitate to contact the Secretariat. The Secretariat may extend the grant period and reporting deadline once they have a short discussion with you regarding the reason(s) for the delay.

If the Trust funds my project, will they own the Intellectual property (IP)?

No, the applicant organisation/individual will still hold all IP for the project.