Application Process

Application Process

Grant Conditions

All grantees must adhere to the Grant Conditions should they be successful in receiving a grant from the Telematics Trust

Reporting Process

All grants received from the Telematics Trust must be acquitted within three months of the project ending or twelve months after the funding was received, whichever occurs soonest. If the project extends beyond twelve months, ongoing six-monthly progress reports are required until the completion of the project.

Application Process

The Telematics Trust aims to create a more level playing field by providing support to projects that educate and empower people from diverse backgrounds to learn new things and build their capacity to contribute to society.

Grant Guidelines

Who Can Apply?

  • Individuals
  • Educational Institutes
  • Government
  • Business
  • Non-profit organisations

Funding support


The Trust requires that all projects provide some level of partnership funding whether it be cash or in-kind support. The Trust normally provides grants of up to $50,000 and grant applications larger than this will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

The Trust Funds projects which;

  • Educate and empower people from diverse backgrounds to learn new things and build their capacity to contribute to society
  • Would be assisted by seeding grants
  • Are not likely to be supported by other funding bodies

Assessment criteria

  • The quality of the applicant and their ability to deliver the project
  • The excellence of the proposed project and the likelihood that it will lead to:
    - the promotion of public education and training in Victoria;
    - an important innovation or the solution to an important practical problem;
    - economic or social benefit to Victoria and;


You are asked to nominate two independent referees on your application form. Your referees should be two individuals with the expertise to comment and critique on areas such as technological relevance or appropriateness of the project and/or your organisation’s ability to deliver the project.

Referees May Not

  • Be directly involved in the project
  • Be affiliated with or employed by the applicant organisation
  • Be related to any individuals involved in the project
  • Benefit financially from the project or from providing their report
  • Be directly involved with the Telematics Trust as an Advisory Committee Member, Trustee or any other member of the secretariat

Referees May

  • Have previously worked with the applicant organisation and can vouch for their ability to deliver the project
  • Be industry professionals or academics

Referees will be contacted by the secretariat should the application meet all guidelines and requirements, and that match the vision and mission of Telematics Trust.

All applications to the Trust must be submitted using the online form. Application forms are updated annually. Please do not submit an old application for via email, it will not be accepted.

Please note, any application that arrives incomplete (i.e. without all supporting documentation) after 5pm on the due date will be deemed ineligible.