2021 Grantees

2021 Grantees

Telematics Trust supported the following list of organisations in the 2021 grant round.

CERES | $50,000

CERES Interactive Self Guided Nature Walks | The Trust is supporting CERES to pilot a self-guided nature walk at CERES Brunswick with strategic augmented reality locations of interest for interactive educational learning using personal mobile devices. The walk will have learning content themes designed for full inclusive participation and covering diverse engagement purposes and topics of interest. 


VR Connect | With support from the Trust, MTC Education will use virtual reality (VR) and game technology to create virtual spaces for drama education activities. This will enable young Victorians who are isolated by distance, disability, health and social factors to access exceptional arts-learning experiences, enhance their creativity, and contribute to the cultural life of their community. 


Promoting Rural Stem Education with Remote Robotics | The Trust is supporting Deakin University in the equitable provision of physics education by ameliorating deficits in laboratory resources in rural schools. Leveraging high-speed networks and haptics technologies, they will develop novel platforms and Lab Learning Activities, piloting remote immersive learning where rural students willinteract remotely with urban university laboratories via virtual reality and other cloud technologies. 


Building Smart Digital Dementia Assistant: Phase 2 | Based on the successful Phase 1 creation of the world’s first smart digital dementia assistant, the Trust is supporting Phase 2, which is to significantly improve content and enhance many tech features to better empower all carers with the resources and knowledge to deliver better care. 


Patient Reported Outcomes and Experience Measures | The Trust is supporting ANZICS to develop a method of collecting feedback on the experiences and outcomes of ICU survivors which will be embedded into all ICUs nationally through leveraging existing IT infrastructure and the expertise of ANZICS. This will provide information on patient experiences to provide improved patient centred care for critically ill patients.


Data for Good Program | The Trust is supporting an online virtual teaching aid that can be used by health care workers to provide remote ophthalmic patient education. A 3D virtual eye is hosted online which can be manipulated in real-time by the health care professional to provide a personalized educational experience for the eye condition pertaining to the patient, this is viewed in real-time with audio explanation via telehealth.


Smarter Help to Empower Families in Mental Health | The Trust is supporting the MHLC to collaboratively develop research-informed, user-tested guided pathways to provide targeted legal information and resources to families and carers. Responding to the acute need in Victoria and across Australia to expand mental health law, knowledge and understanding, the program will educate and establish routes to self-help.


thisAbility | The Trust is supporting Cultural Infusion in the development and distribution of an app (both web-based and mobile), which allows users to view and contribute to data on access capability of venues across a region. The information gleaned from users is stored for others to view, while reports are made available to venues thereby increasing awareness and enabling the adoption of informed accessibility upgrade strategies.


e-Healthcare training for disadvantaged consumers | The Trust is supporting Peninsula Health to co-design and co-produce, with consumers representing disadvantaged groups, education, training and promotional tools to accompany a digital healthcare solution that allows consumers to input their needs and preferences directly into hospital electronic health record systems. This approach will ensure participation by disadvantaged consumers frequently excluded from these processes.


WIRE’s Blue Sky Hub: learning and connection | The Trust is supporting WIRE to transform its deep expertise and knowledge in gender equity, intersectionality and violence prevention into an 8-module online course using an interactive learning platform. WIRE will use this to train 50 volunteer support workers per year, who will then provide support to thousands of women, nonbinary and gender diverse people each year.


Online Volunteer Training System for Flying Fox | The Trust is supporting Flying Fox to create an online training system that will have in-built modules allowing Flying Fox Services to train volunteers remotely. These modules will provide training opportunities for prospective volunteers and ensure that there is streamlined onboarding for all volunteers recruited.


LearnED: Supporting Eating Disorder Recovery | The Trust is supporting EDV to develop LearnED. This will involve the development, implementation, and evaluation of a suite of free online psychoeducation resources specifically for people with eating disorders and their carers. LearnED will provide opportunities for self-paced learning, and access to resources designed to support early intervention and recovery, and foster connection to and support from EDV.


Peter Mac’s Virtual Prehabilitation Surgery School | The Trust is supporting Peter Mac to scale its highly-effective face-to-face Prehabilitation Surgery School into an innovative virtual pre-surgery education package accessible to all Peter Mac patients undergoing treatment for cancer. This program is delivered as a multimodal intervention bundle tailored to the individual and includes patient education, exercise, nutrition and psychological support provided before surgery.