Important Information for Referees

If you have been asked to be a Referee by an applicant you must ensure that you are both qualified to give an opinion and that you do not have any conflict of interest.

Referees May Not:

  • Be directly involved in the project
  • Be affiliated with or employed by the applicant organisation
  • Be related to individuals directly involved in the project
  • Benefit financially from project or from providing their report
  • Be directly involved with the Telematics Trust as an Advisory Committee Member, Trustee or any other member of the Secretariat.

What is being requested of you?

As a Referee you are asked to give:

  • A true critique of the project;
  • A summary statement of the merit of the project; and
  • An assessment of the track record of the applicant(s), where this is known to you.

Referees report will be requested separately

Please note that Referees reports will be requested separately after the main application was submitted. Not all applications will have their references requested.


Applications are submitted in confidence. A referee is asked to respect this confidence. If it is necessary, in the interest of forming an opinion, to discuss the application with a colleague, please note such a sharing of confidence in an attachment to the form. When you have completed your review, please destroy the application.